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    The best knowledge of the French real estate market


    Buying a property in France. Our added value.

    France Estate Services supports buyers of French property during the entire purchase process and thereafter. With all the knowledge, the contacts and the experience in the French property field and taking care of everything. Therefore we advise, avoid risks, solve problems and do everything possible to realize the most favourable transaction for you.

    What are the stages of the purchase process?

    1. Find a property
    We assist in selecting the desired area and suitable properties. Based on budget and specific requirements and with the help of local estate agents and internet search.

    2. Contact with estate agents
     If we make the first contact with the estate agent(s) we can realize an interesting cost saving for you.

    3. Conduct negotiations
    Once the French property has been found, we negotiate to get the best possible price for you and to let the transaction pass as smoothly as possible.

    4. Avoiding risks
    The avoidance of risks and the further guidance and possible recording of specific conditions in the ’compromis/promesse de vente’ and/or the ‘acte de vente’. The focus is on solving and/or preventing problems. Considering the assessment of the construction quality of the property, the mandatory technical reports, the problems with mandatory building permits, unfavourable servitudes and/or provisions of the zoning plan.

    5. ‘Decennale’
    Special attention for the ‘decennale’ (the 10-year legal guarantee insurance) for constructions or renovations of  the property by the selling party.

    6. Legal structure
    Advice on the best ownership structure with regard to taxation, inheritance and estate planning and the choice of French or your (country’s) law of succession.

    7. Think ahead
    Advice upon purchase to already prepare for the plus-value tax on the future sale of your property.


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